Leander Jewelry Repair

Leander Jewelry Repair


Leander Jewelry Repair

Summit Jewelers is a Leander Jewelry repair store located close to HEB in Leander. Summit Jewelry has 2 in-house jewelers that own and run Summit Jewelers. With this, we are able to fix your jewelry fast and in-house. Summit jewelry is a full-service jewelry store with jewelry repair as a service. Summit Jewelers is a jewelry repair store with a fast turnaround and affordable service.

Jewelry Repair in Leander Texas

Jewelry repair in Leander is at Summit Jewelers with two in-house jewelers on staff. Summit jewelry offers fast and affordable jewelry repair in-store. Come by and visit us and bring your jewelry and we can help answer any questions you may have

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Custom Jewelry Repair in Leander

Ring Sizing

At Summit Jewelers we offer affordable ring sizing. Many clients complain of a ring that doesn’t fit just right, there are many things we can do to make that ring fit just right. We do ring sizing in half and even quarter sizes when necessary to make sure your ring stays right on your finger just right.

Chain Repair

Chain repair is when you have a broken or open link that needs to be closed or replaced. We offer many solutions to chain repair and our jewelers can speak to you directly in-store about how you would like to repair your chain.

Clasp Replacement

Clasp replacement is one of the most common jewelry services we offer. If you have kids that pull on your necklaces you will know this well. Summit Jewelers in Leander offers fast clasp replacement and you can even pick the type of clasp you would like to replace it with.

Polishing & Cleaning

Polishing & cleaning is offered at Summit Jewelers in Leander. This is a very fast service and takes only 5-10 minutes.

Ring head & setting replacement

Ring head and setting replacement is a fast and affordable fix. Depending on if you are looking to change the setting or just securing a setting for a ring you currently own. Come on in and we can take a look and advice you on the best solution.

Prong Repair

Prong repair is when our jewelers do what is called a “prong re-tipping”. This type of service will make sure the “girdle” of the gem rests on each notch correctly called a “seat”. Summit jewelry has in-house experts to help you secure your valuable jewelry correctly and we offer fast and affordable service since we offer everything in-house.