Liberty Hill Custom Engagement Rings

Liberty Hill Custom Engagement Ring

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Liberty Hill Custom Engagement Rings

Summit Jewelers is a custom jeweler designer that can help you create the custom engagement ring of her dreams. At Summit Jewelers we have 2 in-house jewelers that are always on-location. We are here to help with your custom engagement ring design or even if you want to come in just to discuss some options for rings, stones and materials.

Liberty Hill Custom Jewelry Design in Liberty Hill Texas

Custom Jewelry design is one of Summit Jewelers expertise services. Summit Jewelers in Leander has two expert jewelers in-store to help you with your custom designed jewelry.

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Custom Jewelry Design in Liberty Hill

Engagement Ring Design

We start your custom engagement ring design when one of our jewelers will sit down with you and help you bring to life that special piece of jewelry she has been dreaming about.

Wax Modeling

With all our custom jewelry designs, we sculpt a wax mold, so you have the opportunity to see your design in real life. We can make any changes before the goldsmith begins casting.


Using your design, we cast your custom engagement rind, set the gemstones, and polish it to a fine sparkle.

Custom Designed Engagement Rings

Custom Designed Engagement Rings are surprisingly affordable at Summit Jewelers. Our 2 in-house jewelers create your designs ourselves, which makes this process simpler and faster than at other jewelers.

Custom Designed Wedding Bands

If you want custom bands to go with that custom engagement ring, Summit Jewelers offers custom designed wedding bands too. Custom designed wedding bands are also available with very fast turnaround because of our in-house expertise.

How long does a custom jewelry project take?

A custom engagement ring project can take as little as a week. Our in-house jewelers will be there with you every step of the way. We halp make this process simple and enjoyable for you.