Cedar Park Watch Repair

Cedar Park Watch Repair


Cedar Park Watch Repair

Summit Jewelers will repair your watch in-house. Instead of sending them out for this service, Summit Jewelry is an expert jeweler that repairs watches ourselves. The Cedar Park jeweler has extensive knowledge in watch repair and works with Rolex and other premium brands.

Cedar Park Watch Repair in Cedar Park Texas

Watch repair in Cedar Park is a service we provide in-house at Summit Jewelers. Bring your watch in and we will give you a free consultation and let you know what needs to be done.

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Watch Repair in Cedar Park

Watch Battery Change

We offer watch battery changes at our location with service normally taking only a few minutes. We will also thoroughly clean your watch as a courtesy for  as part of our service.

New Watch Bracelet or Strap

Summit Jewelers will order and install a new bracelet or strap for your watch. For a standard strap or a custom one, we can help you get a hold of it fast and return the watch once the strap is installed.

Mechanical Watch Overhaul

Summit Jewelers are expert jewelers and can perform a complete mechanical watch overhaul. After taking the watch apart, we start with washing all the pieces inside, then replace all the worn parts, oil the movement, and calibrate the timekeeping before we reseal everything.

Crystal Replacement

If the crystal in your quartz watch cracks it will need to be replaced, this is a fast and affordable service Summit Jewelers offers in-house.

Watch Band Resizing

A watch band resizing is when links need to be taken out to fit your arm. Summit jewelry can resize your watch band within a few minutes. It is a very affordable service that gives you the right fit for your fine timepiece.

Watch Engraving

Watch engraving is one of the services we offer at Summit Jewelers. As jewelers, we can do the engraving ourselves without sending the piece out. Our turnaround time is faster and the price is more affordable than other jewelers.